This month for my Land Ethic Blog, I visited the Blunn Creek Preserve close to campus. It was the first time I had ever been there, and I was surprised to see such a peaceful, quiet place so close to campus. When I went there the first week, I went around an hour before sunset which made for a beautiful sight. I started walking through the trail diligently trying to find a place where I could gaze at the different colors of the trees by the creek. One of the things that I remember hearing each week is the various sounds of the birds and crickets that were in the area. It seemed as if they were having a conversation as the sounds were in harmony.


About ten minutes walking in I found a small dirt trail that led to an amazing sight. It was a huge white rock that was next to a big tree. The tree was incredibly intricate with its delicate roots that found the best spots on the ground for its nutrients.


The most astounding thing about this spot in Blunn Creek however was not only the remarkable tree. What surprised me the most was the view of this tree in the horizon that lay ahead. The contrasts of shadow and light were another factor that made this such a gorgeous sight.  In addition, the light blue sky reflected into different shades of light throughout each tree.





“It expands through successive stages of the beautiful to values as yet uncaptured by language.” Sand County Almanac




Aside from this phenomenal view, the sight below the tree was also outstanding. What I liked most about looking at this angle was how the stems of each tree were intertwined together. It seemed as if the trees communicated to give one another room in order to receive the essential sunlight that they need for survival. Also, if you look closely at the picture, below all those branches you can see the creek that passes by this part of the trail. I will attempt to get a closer view of this hidden view next month when I go to this area again.


Overall, each week that I went to this area I found a bewildering landscape filled with harmony and tranquility. However, the very last week that I attended this spot I was sad to see that people who had come before me had left a plastic bag that eventually found its way to a tree branch.  This symbolizes how some human interactions can completely spoil the beauty of nature as well as destroy it. More people should be aware of the places they are and be sure to contain the magnificence that nature brings to our society.


I am excited to visit this location again next month and see how the change in climate will provide new colors and attractions to see. Blunn Creek Preserve is a great resting place to take a break from the demands that we have every day.

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