Pace Bend Park

On Saturday, June 14, 2014, my family and I went to Pace Bend Park. Pace Bend is located in Spicewood Texas. I live in South Austin and the park was about 45 minutes from my home. You can see the water levels are lower than normal. I was able to observe the beach. The photos reveal the vegetation, these plants are normally under water when the water levels are not affected by the drought. There were lots of people taking advantage of the warm weather camping, swimming and fishing at the huge park. According to Pace Bend sits on 1368 acres. I was able to observe many birds and insects during my visit at Pace Bend Park.

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“The flock emerges from the low clouds, a tattered banner of birds, dipping and rising, blown up and blown down, blown together and blown apart, but advancing, the wind wrestling lovingly with each winnowing wing. When the flock is a blur in the far sky I hear the last honk, sounding taps for summer” Aldo Leopold.
This quote by Mr. Aldo Leopold reminded me of my time at Pace Bend Park. I was able to watch and observe the birds at the park. I most enjoyed watching the huge vultures flying over the park, hunting, scavenging, looking for a bite to eat. Back home, in Washington state, I love observing the great Bald Eagle. The vultures soar through the sky dominating their space just as the beautiful eagles do back home. I felt at peace in my observation of these big birds. My family swam and played as I took photos and observed all Pace Bend had to offer. We met some nice people and enjoyed the warm sun as we splashed and played in the refreshing water. What a great evening and a memory to cherish forever at Pace Bend Park.

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