Zambrano 6/8/2014

Today I revisited Zilker Park, but this time I took my time to bike around a much bigger area instead of staying put near the fields. While last week’s trip left me with a bitter feeling due to all the trash, this visit made me much happier. I did not know how absolutely huge Zilker Park is. Even though I was pedaling at a good speed, it took me more than two hours to loop around it. Admittedly, I did lose my way, but I took advantage of the detour to take some pictures.




I did not find any pieces of trash today. The day was perfect for biking. I am thankful for the people who made Zilker Park a possibility. Aldo Leopold said that “Individual thinkers since the days of Ezekiel and Isaiah have asserted that the despoliation of the land is not only inexpedient but wrong. Society, however, has not yet affirmed their belief. I regard the present conservation movement as the embryo of such an affirmation.” This embryo seems to have grown into a child full of potential. We can see the effects of the conservation movement in the protected parks and forests near our cities, but there is still a long way to go.



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