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This past month I spent a lot of time in the Greenbelt and in my backyard, the two spots I have blogged about this past semester.  It was great to see the Greenbelt so vibrant and full of life in the spring.  While hiking there with my dog this past weekend, I sat down at the place I mentioned in previous blog, which overlooks a large portion of the greenbelt and barton creek.  I was glad to hear the water running through barton creek, preferring this to the bone dry conditions that generally exist come August.  I’m preparing to leave Austin and move for a job once I graduate, and I couldn’t help but think about how much I am going to miss the greenbelt.  For the past three and a half years, this beautiful escape has always been 10 minutes from my house.  I’ve loved every minute I’ve spent out there and will sorely miss the Greenbelt.

Another place I’ll miss here is my backyard.  While the greenbelt was my favorite natural spot in Austin, my backyard was just outside my door and provided me with countless hours of relaxation.  This semester blog encouraged me to really appreciate the fact that I had such a great natural space behind my house.  It made me take in the beauty just behind my house as I sat in the backyard enjoying the natural environment.  It’s been a great semester and a great time here in Austin, I sure will miss my backyard and the greenbelt!

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