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Today, the sun is finally out. I went with a friend canoeing on lake Austin. The sun is bright but the wind the heavy it was very hard to control our paddle. I spotted turtles on the branch extending over the water. It is a beautiful site and the water is reflecting the green trees, but I am guessing there is also an alga in the water. It is truly a beautiful site to see.


Today, I am back on the river it is very cold, there is a light breeze and as I am going down the river I noticed the turtles popping up but as we get closer they disappear into the water. It is so subtle and calming at the same time. Afar I can stop bird or ducks on the water they are black and small. The further down I go the more birds I see and as we come closer they disperse.


The birds on this river, flock in groups and leave behind water trails, which are pretty cool leaving a ripple effect. The sky is clear but there is a light but cold wind. The skyline of the city is amazing.  From this view and you can see other people on there canoes gliding through the water. The smell is not refreshing until you get to the open part of the river. The calmness of the water really makes you experience some type of zen.


Today, the sun is out there is no breeze until you get to the open part of the river. The turtles and the birds seem to be more than usual. There are a lot of people on the water; it is not a zen experience like the other days. I am gliding through the water as a paddle because there is no wind. The trees seem to be lower and a little more in my personal space as I paddle through to enter the open space on the river.

“There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot.”
― Aldo Leopold


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