Rudder, April/May

I have been to Bull Creek many times over the past semester, observing and taking in the nature. It has definitely changed since I first began observing. Bull Creek was looking more green and colorful with all the flowers beginning to bloom and some that had already bloomed. I noticed that there was some Bluebonnets and these yellow and ┬áred flowers. They were so pretty. The tress were a lot greener than the beginning and the I didn’t see as many dead trees than the beginning. The weather was perfect in the last month I visited Bull Creek. Although there was some wind. It was definitely beginning to look like spring and summer.



There was a lot more activity at the end of semester than at the beginning of it. There more birds chirping and flying around. I could hear at least four different types of species of birds at the creek. Also, I could see a lot more fishes in the water. At the beginning of the semester the water level was pretty high compared to the end of the semester. I could put my feet into the water and now I could barely dip my toes in there. I would say that the water may have dropped about four to five inches. There also wasn’t as big as a waterfall coming off the rocks where there had used to be. I could see a line to where the water had been, so I knew that the water had dropped.



I saw some dogs at the creek roaming around and getting into the water. I did notice that there was confetti and egg shells on the ground around the creek. I believe it was there from Easter. It hadn’t been picked up or anything but maybe the wind will take it somewhere.

Education, I fear, is learning to see one thing by going blind to another.(pg. 158) – Aldo Leopold

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