Castillo- February

pic6Today’s Monday February 10th and its 8:46am I’m back at the River Place nature trail, the drive was about 52 minutes from school after traffic. I woke up today planning to go on a winter stroll down the trail, but as of right now I’m still sitting in my car because even with four layers or clothing it’s still super chilly! It’s not as windy here as it is at school and i’m sure that’s all thanks to the trees, but regardless it’s still 41 degrees outside.The sky is clear with scattered clouds and the sun is shining nicely however, the cold air is overriding any scenic view at the moment. Last month when I came I remember seeing couples and active joggers claiming the trails all bundled up getting their daily dose of nature early in the morning, today seems to be very very different.



pic5It’s now 9:30am and I took a quick jog down the trail just to get some pictures and check out the scenery throughout the trails. Everything was extremely calm, but I did hear maybe one or two different types of birds.





pic 3The trails were extremely dry despite the vast amount of rain that Austin had just last week. I dipped my finger in the water along one of the small rivers and surprisingly the water wasn’t as cold as I anticipated, but the wind truly did make everything feel far colder than what my weather app read.




pic1 Today for some reason the trails are silent and dry. The trees look dead aside from their quick rustling after every large gust of wind.






pic4The trails themselves look cold, they lack any kind of brush or overgrown weeds everything is dead, a natural sign of winters presence.







Today’s February 14th, it’s Valentine’s Day and here I am at the River Place Nature trails! It’s really nice outside, slightly breezy and chilly, but with a jacket it’s completely fine.

pic 3


It’s 5:32pm and I don’t intend to stay very long because I want to catch up on some Netflix shows considering my lack of a secret admirer haha. Unlike the last time I came the trees just seem much more lively, the water streaming down sounds loud and calming and the birds are chirping away.



The trails are still dry and


bare, but the warmer air makes it much easier to sit and take everything in. I feel like the simple fact that the air is bare-able to stand in makes everything seem so much nicer, the trees look greener and you really get the feel that should go along with the scenic view of running streams and chirping birds.



It’s February 21st! Today’s my 19th birthday and I asked my good ol pal Jesse to join me on an adventure here to the trail. Jesse questioned why I wanted to come do homework related stuff when it was my birthday and he pushed to go grab some food and run around downtown, but to be honest I really enjoy coming here.pic 4 I love getting lost on trails and just exploring, taking time away from the hustle and bustle of school, work and big city sounds.







pic1 However, today the weather doesn’t seem as uplifting as previous visits. It’s still cold of course and the weather forecast has some unusually low numbers in store for the upcoming week.  February has been pretty rainy and cold so far, but hopefully things will clear up soon.

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