Clabby February

This month, I have been struck with the diversity our ecosystem has experienced. I have observed thunderstorms, clouds, hail and sunshine. The hail came pounding down on our house, sending our dog on a rampage to catch the balls of ice in his jaws. It sounded like someone dropped a massive pile of nails showering down on our roof. The cold was uncomfortable, although that’s to be expected in February, and from the window I watched “while a February blizzard tosse[d] the trees outside” (Leopold 6). I can only imagine what others were experiencing: homeless people, for example, who may not have found any shelter apart from a concrete space under a bridge. I also thought about animals whose ecosystems could have been destroyed from the event. As can be seen from the image, the pieces of hail were about pea-sized, capable of seriously wrecking nests, and other vulnerable habitats. 

Birds in particular have caught my attention this month. Lately I have seen more cardinals, male and female, covered in vibrant orange and reds. From my experience, the females seem to be dull-colored with bright red beaks, and the males are covered in color. The images below captured a male cardinal I had an encounter with in Fredericksburg, Texas on a visit there recently. He seemed preoccupied, perhaps hunting for his mid-morning snack of grubs and worms. I was astonished at his beauty, and marveled the detail God put into his creation of this bird.

I eagerly await the warmth of Spring, and the life that it will bring to me, the birds, the trees, the grass and the lake. Until then, I continue to enjoy the spectacular beauty of winter.

DSCF0534 DSCF0536 DSCF0549 DSCF0553 DSCF0554 DSCF0556

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