Michael Small — March 2014

The month of March has been the most bipolar month that I have experienced in my 4 years of attending St. Edward’s. At the beginning of March we witnessed freezing temperatures to which ice and sleet were in the mix. Since then it has been a relatively cool spring where jeans and a light jacket are not an uncommon sight amongst the student population. With that being said, spring has without a doubt made its presence known. The once empty fields have now flourished into fields of blue. The Texas Blue Bonnet wildflowers have bloomed making it a sight to see with the vibrant blue color. Also, the birds and deer that I have noticed in Westlake Hills have been more active this month as it is getting closer to mating season for them. I was fortunate to make it over to the greenbelt one warm weekend to see many people partaking in “normal” spring activities such as swimming in the greenbelt’s cool, refreshing water. I am excited to see what April will be like.


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