Brendan Weiss-March 2014

“Man  always kills the things he loves, and so we the pioneers have killed our wilderness.” (pg. 148)

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March shaped up to be one very interesting month. It started with an unexpected cold spell and ended with seasonably warm weather. It took until almost the end of the month, but our side tree has finally begun to blossom. We can now see visible leaves growing. I have noticed a pattern where the birds that visit our bird feeders only make appearances during the morning. I attribute this to a combination of increasing noise and heat. On a sad side note construction dominated the month of March. A major road near my house is being expanded and a local plot of land is being developed into a subdivision. It seems that it is becoming harder and harder to appreciate nature. The outside is full of sounds of construction. We are truly killing wilderness. One day this will stop and people will take the time to enjoy their surroundings and not just see it for its economic potential

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