Belknap, March 2014

“It is strange how the world cocks its ear at that sound, wondering.” (Leopold 66)

And what sound is this, you may inquire? The sound of Spring! Climate has been consistently smiling down on Austin, Texas as we move through the month of March and into April. Temperatures over this recent time have ranged from mid to high 60’s to the low 80’s nearly every day. This is also definitely working beneficially in terms of my little spot at the edge of East Hall.

The sounds of Spring completely surrounded my when as I observed it. Grass was softly blowing as the easy spring breeze traveled throughout the hilltop. Crows and pigeons were out in the open, squawking and chirping away after weeks of hiding in submission from the freezing winter. I could even hear the steady hum of the small bees and grasshoppers making their rounds across the area and over in the patch of newly risen Bluebonnets nearby. The calmness and serenity mixed with the heat of the changing seasons brought back the joys of being able to go outside and take advantage of all the activity out there. Relaxing by my spot made these feelings all the more real as I do not always get to see such live, luscious, and colorful nature where I am from. The “L”-shaped bushes are picking themselves back up, greening more and more at the once very brown and red edges each time I see them. Grass is becoming extremely healthy as its bright green pigment is the brightest I have seen all semester. It is also gaining back its strong yet smooth exterior as it is receiving more of the sun’s attention. And, of course, we cannot forget about that magnificent tree. Though it does not seem to have sprout more of its little white buds since the last time I checked, this tree seems to be growing taller, if I do say so myself. As it too gets the opportunity to bask in the sun, it seems to be growing strong more internally rather than externally. Then again, that could also be my personal opinion, but I like to think it is.

The beauty within the confines of my spot is quite evident for someone who is willing to meditate on the idea. With Spring sharing its wealth on the nature in and surrounding campus, this spot seems to be exuberating its joy, healthiness, and sweet delicacy as it is being born anew and regenerating what was lost in the midst of the past harsh and freezing winter. With only a few more entries left to go, I can only wait in anticipation to see what my spot will have to show me by the next time I write.


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