Lilley, March


When I think about the month of March one of the First things that come to mind is newness. What i mean by newness is that March marks the end of one season and the beginning of a drastically different season.The season of spring began in Mid-March when the weather began to warm up. Since this time many environmental changes have began to take place, many more wild life have began to come back out in to the open on campus. Wildlife like insects, squirrels, and birds began to interact and be seen much more often. But the one thing that become especially noticeable on campus here at St. Edward’s every Spring is the blooming of the Blue Bonnets. These flowers are so often found here that they have been named the Texas Bluebonnet, as a sort of special species of flower that can be found all over Texas during the spring and summer months. It wasn’t until I came here to Austin that i realized the difference in seasons in different parts of the country and how they can be so drastically different from one another. Nevertheless the commonly enjoyed season among most American is spring and i can concur that I am enjoying the spring and all it has to offer.


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