Returning to the Alpine Road Pond, I noticed the temperature felt significantly warmer than it did just a month ago.  Today on the 28th, the weather was slightly overcast, with a high of 81 and a low of 55.  Among the significant change in temp. I noticed flowers with petals ranging in color from yellow, red, white and blue.  Buzzing around them, were bees and butterflies and various other insects unknown to me.  For the first time observing the pond, I spotted several turtles sunbathing upon rocks and logs that protruded out from the water.  As usual I spotted ducks, having made residence at the pond.  Mosquito fish still remained and swam in a faster and in perhaps greater numbers than last time. Weeds have grown up and in certain places very thick.  The whole pond generally has become greener, that is except for a few trees that still lack any foliage and the Bulrush, which was white and appeared parched.

“One Swallow does not make a summer, but one skein of geese, cleaving the murk of a March thaw, is the spring.”

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