Spitz February

For my second adventure outdoors, I went back to the same part of the greenbelt I went to last month. I noted the abundance of birds that were out, unlike last month. Birds chirped for the entire time that I was there, giving me warning that spring is near. The cacti in the greenbelt are starting to look healthier and some even have little blooms on them. The temperature was 73 when I went out at 2 pm on February 25, 2014. Being one of the warmer days this year, the greenbelt seemed to come alive. I saw a few bugs and even one lizard scampering around near the entrance.  Grasses seemed to be trying to sprout, hoping that the last freeze has come and gone. The water was scattered with a few birds bathing and was covered with insects. the water level is much lower than last month though, it seems as if the drought is back. I sat and observed for about 2 hours, just laying in a hammock because it was so nice outside. I think next month I will come back and try to detail the changes in the flora and fauna, because I predict as we enter spring activity will shoot up in both of those categories. IMG_1564

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