Trapani February

I went back to my usual spot at Blunn Creek Preserve a couple times this month. Last week though on Friday, I ventured a lot farther than usual and explored the back portion. That is when I came to realize when you go back far enough you can see the main building of St. Edward’s so I snapped this picture.


It was a gorgeous day. Last week Austin FINALLY got some warm weather which was nice since we have been experiencing a pretty “cold” winter in the 30-40s this month most likely a result from the Arctic Blast we have been discussing in class. But on Friday it was a nice 75 degrees, a little warm for the light jacket I had on but the breeze balanced it out. While walking along the trail we came across this weird looking wolf creature….


Just kidding. This is my main man Harley James, he also goes by HJ, and he accompanied us on our journey this day. He needed to get out of the house and he loves places like Blunn Creek. While walking I discovered and noticed a number of things I hadn’t on my past journeys. With the coming of Spring, I noticed a lot more green this time through the trail. Not only in the trees but also in the grass already. I was happy to see this since spring is my favorite season. There were even some flowers blooming. I decided to cross the creek this time and came to discovered the vas amount of cacti that laid just across on the other side.


There was huge patches of cacti, which seem to thrive on that side of the creek but not so much on the other side. HJ made sure to stay away from them though. Walking back across the creek again we made a friend with this guy.


I named him Bugs Bunny, but he didn’t stay around too long. He was quite skiddish, makes sense though for a wild rabbit. Not to mention he was quick on those feet. On the other side of the creek was a number of birds. I didn’t notice too many animals last visit, possibly because it was colder, but the animals were out today. There were a number of different small birds chirping around but the ones that caught my eyes were the ones living in these stick piles…


It seems as though these birds are making nests in these stick piles, rather than in trees. There are a ton living in each pile and they seem to fly from pile to pile. I plan to learn more about these birds and where/how they inhabit.

Also last week I took a trip to Waco to watch some baseball. The Brazos River runs along Waco and since HJ accompanied me on this trip as while I figured we might take a visit to the river so he could take a quick dip. Luckily the current wasn’t too strong so he was able to fetch some baseballs in the river.


I guess it helps that hes a stud athlete and swimmer, so he handled the slight current pretty well. That Sunday again was a gorgeous day. It was 70 degrees with a slight breeze, a perfect day for walking the Brazos River. HJ had a good time.


The water though was a bit chilly still, HJ was shaking every time he came out to return the ball. It was a very good week for exploring the outdoors, I really could not have asked for better weather. It truly is such a calming experience to get back to nature. When Aldo Leopold said…

“There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot.”

I realized that I and HJ are definitely two whom cannot live without nature.

Oh and here’s HJ puttin the retriever in Labrador retriever….



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