Michael Small, February 2014

The month of February has been one of ups and downs in terms of the temperature and weather patterns. We saw snow this month, bitter cold days, and unusually warm temperatures. What I noticed about my spot in nature that I go to reflect upon, was that nature and wildlife adapt to these changes rather easily. The days after the snow, there was a creek that filled up with the melting of the ice and the runoff from the rain with birds and squirrels drinking from it at the same time. These animals do not know what snow or ice is, all they see is a source of water to drink from that was not once there. The trees and foliage around the creek have yet to “come back to life” in terms of color and leaves. The freezing temperatures definitely have played a roll in the slow-down of blossoming trees and shrubbery around my spot in Westlake Hills. The deer, however have been increasingly more active this month than in the past month, possibly due to more sources of  water being available.


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