McAndrew, February 2014


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I ventured back into the forest on February 28, 2014. I made sure to travel to the same place as the last time so I could make note of the differences that I saw. The last time I went to Blunn Creek, the day was overcast and gray. The land seemed arid and wind-swept. No plants seemed to be thriving and no animals were seen. It was eerily still. This time was entirely different. The forest was teeming with life. New sprouts were growing through the debris of the plants that died before them and the tree limbs were starting to fill up with green leaves. I saw many creatures this time around. I witnessed yellow butterflies, bees, a couple lizards, hawks circling overhead, and a few scurrying squirrels. It seemed like life had be renewed as the Austin temperatures warmed the forest. The weather was exceedingly warm, reaching almost 80º. It was also pretty windy but the sky was brilliantly blue with little to no clouds overhead.

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