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I’m at my second year here at Saint Edwards and despite the ups and down, Blunn Creek Nature Preserve has been a quick escape from society and its development of civilization. I grew up in the country so I have an appreciation for wildlife and open spaces between human inhabitants.   However, in Austin the development of houses and buildings are becoming the idea of nature for humans in the big city. Gladly, I am able to witness the last bit of nature available in the city limits.  I’m doing my blog for January 21st and by far this has been one of the best days with the bi-polar winter coming and going; with the temperature like a roller coaster with a sleet day and a sunny day the next. Walking through the Blunn Creek trail on this sunny day, I witness wildlife, thick vegetation surrounded all around, and a flowing creek; which as I ventured and surveyed the wilderness, it seems populations of animals have taken advantage of these nature commodities. As I walk through the trail and random ventured through the preserve, a lot catches my eye. Squirrels’ jumping from tree to tree and a curious fox wandering the preserve looking for what seems to be food. I wouldn’t blame him, for today is a perfect day to scavenge; tomorrow will be cold and warmth will be the top priority for this secondary consumer. I also got sight of rabbits, blue jays, a cardinal, and a quite a few swallows jumping around on the ground as I passed. As I got to the side of the creek, it was hard to see past the algae growing on the rocks which the aquatic life feed off of; this is where I discovered a few Crawfish taking fortress between rocks and algae patches waiting for the night to search for food.

After the venture through the preserve, I had a understanding of the wild life and the hardship they persevere through such as the cold weather and food scarcity. However, when given the opportunity, as such with this sunny day, they will do what is necessary to push through the winter and survive to regenerate their species. To the wildlife, this is their Country and their survival instincts are helping them cope with the current ecosystem; like Aldo Leopold states in his book, A Sand County Almanac,”A country is the personality of land, the collective harmony of its soil, life, and weather (Leopold, 177).” On this sunny day, there is harmony among the soil, wildlife, and weather.

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