Brendan Weiss’s January Blog Post

“The months of the year, from January up to June, are a geometric progression in the abundance of distractions.” Aldo Leopold A Sand County Almanac pg.3

Location: My backyard  in Round Rock. TX

Day One

Early in the morning on Friday January 24, 2014  snow fell from the sky and ice covered the roads.  As soon as I woke up I bundled up,  grabbed my phone and walked out into the backyard. I was struck by a cold and sharp breeze, my  eyes locked onto the snow near a tree and the ice on the deck. Outside it was abnormally silent. I was surprised at how calm and serene it was.  As I surveyed the land neither humans nor animals were present. Everything appeared to be seeking shelter from the below freezing temps. I could not imagine a better way to start this blog thenby having a morning with a rare snow fall event.2014-01-24 07.59.50 2014-01-24 07.59.55 2014-01-24 08.00.07 2014-01-24 08.00.15


Day Two

What a difference forty-eight hours makes.  Today it is in the lower seventies and all the snow is gone. The sun is shining and my once dormant street is now full of life. Children are playing in their backyards, dogs are talking to each other, and the house down the street sounds like a construction site. Thanks to a decent wind gust, the wind chimes next to me are serenading me with their soothing sounds.  If the weather could stay like this forever I would be one happy camper. I  look forward to seeing the monthly progression of the life here in the backyard.

2014-01-26 17.09.21 2014-01-26 17.09.36 2014-01-26 17.09.39

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