Small January 2014

Today is January 27th and I am exploring a dry creek in Westlake Hills, Austin.

It is 10:15 am and it is a cold, crisp, icy morning. It is 29 degrees and there is a sleet like snow on the ground. I sit on a wooden bridge gazing down the waterless creek and all I can hear is the soft sound of the sleet hitting the ground below me.

There is no wildlife around me. I am bundled up pretty warmly however, my feet are becoming numb. There is an abundance of dead leaves in the creek bed and the common color of the foliage around the creek is a brownish burnt red.  The white snow on the ground adds a nice dusty touch to the dead plant life.



Today is January 30th and I am hiking through Westlake Hills, Austin.

Today as I was walking through the woods, I came upon a grassy opening to which I observed some wildlife grazing on the grass. A young doe was enjoying some of Austin, Texas’ finest grass. Seeing this deer in such close proximity was truly a marvelous sight. It seemed content with me standing there as I tried to make myself seem nonexistent. It worked for a few seconds. At least long enough for me to take a couple of pictures to show.




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