November Blog entry – Jon Adams

This past month or at least the last few weeks have been fairly ugly, rainy, and cold and discouraged going out side unless you really needed too. There were several freezing at or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit days and many in the mid to upper thirties. Which is unusual for Austin considering we usually get maybe a few scattered days below freezing. besides the last few weeks November was a fairly nice month weather wise nothing to cold or to hot. We got some rain here and there but nothing flooding worthy or at least very isolated flooding to only areas in flood plains. I observed the dam area again this month but pictures where very similar to the previous months so i decided to take some from my apartment balcony of the recent weather 

So as you can see a very unpleasant day indeed. Well other than the weather the lake levels around Austin are about the same possibly gained a few inches to a foot. But the increased frequency of rain is not a bad sign the hill country is due for a heavy rain but as of yet has not come. Animals seems to be less out in the open due to the weather as well only a few birds usually in packs a few squirrels running here but otherwise pretty quiet outside of the wind blowing.

       Throughout the semester i observed the dam area as well as Lake Travis in general and saw very little good or bad improvement mostly more of the same low level and not enough rain in the right places to really make a difference. Boat traffic has been very low this season and without rain it will continue to go down. But there is hope in the future because of all the rain but for now the semester has come to an end and it is time to move on to the new things the next semester has to bring. Hope everyone has a good break and be safe traveling home for the holidays.

By: Jon Adams 

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