Woods Oct.

The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away, but He is no longer the only one to do so.

-Aldo Leopold


Oct. 24

For my blog I decide to go to a place a little closer to home, Blunn creek. As I walk through the nature preserve the first the I notice is the amount of squirrels jumping through the trees, they seem to be everywhere. I slowly make my way away from the sounds of traffic until it becomes a low hum in the distance. As I walk I notice several piles of trees that have been cut down. I pass a sign labeled “Austin’s least wanted” and it is a list of invasive tree species. Those must be the trees that have been cut down. It is a cool evening and I hear several kinds of birds. There seems to be no end to the amount of bird calls.

Oct. 29

Taking another walk with a friend through Blunn creek, this time during a crisp afternoon with a nice breeze. I hear plenty of birds chirping and bees buzzing. I hear creek trickling by and a butterfly flutters across my path. The smells of nature are strong and are foreign to my nose. We come up to a clearing on a hill and can see multiple buildings from St. Edwards, it is truly a beautiful view. My friend explains that the trees that are chopped down are sent through a wood chipper and are used as mulch. We sit down for a rest and can hear the constant hum of traffic in the distance.

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