My observation from the dam area showing the effects of the drought on that particular area.

As you can see from this pictures the water line is in the middle of the dam roughly 40 to 50 feet above the actually water level. The next picture is from the dam area again but showing a different area where white rocks are exposed showing were the water was roughly 4 years ago. Another observation was that wildlife in the area was slightly less than you would expect. There were also islands formed very close to the dam area that i will photography a little better next time i am there. But you can see the tip of the island on the left side of the second picture that was not there a few years ago and it is one of many in that area that completely changes the landscape of the area and really shocks the viewer. Considering that 4 years ago there was a flood and there was water up the railing in the second picture. Hard to believe the difference 4 years can have on an massive body of water that usually thrives during the summer bit saw very little this season and many business went out of business. Very sad scene indeed.

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