Digital Media Project Post #3

From Syria to Ukraine, social media opens up warfare
By: Reuters

Timothy Spangler: Ukraine’s brief social-media coup – The Orange County RegisterTimothy Spangler: Ukraine’s brief social-media coup – The Orange County Register


These two Diigo posts are relating to the “revolution” happening in the Ukraine currently. The first article listed is a great story about a blogger from England who was involved in strikes via social media for the Syrians revolution and now is currently using his techniques for Ukraine. This article is a great way to look at two different examples of social media being used for social change in two different places. The second article on here is basically an overview of what is going on in Ukraine right now and how social media is being used to catch the Russian government in lies. They said they weren’t getting involved, but now people suspect that the Russian military is fighting alongside local authority because their Facebook pages had post that were geotagged by Russian soldiers inside Ukraine.

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