Digital Media Project Post #9

Why social media needs to be taught in high school | VentureBeat | Social 

Social Media Day – Egypt

This two articles are completely social media focused. The first article I chose was about the argument of should high school student be taught about social media. I believe this is not going to be an argument for very much longer, due to the fact that social media and the internet is taking over everyone’s life. It is extremely integrated into almost everything we do now and it doesn’t show signs of stopping. If people were educated about the internet and the power of just one post, people in more remote places could put out messages to the world to help unite us all and find justice for the issues that exist. I also see this as a positive because we could be warned about issues related to cyber-security, and prevent agendas from being pushed on unknowing peoples of the world. The second thing i tagged was a Facebook page from Egypt celebrating social media day. This is a great example of Egyptians coming together as a community to celebrate social media and how its helped the Middle East.



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