Digital Media Project Post #10

How State Failure Is Deepening Class Tensions in Egypt | Sara Khorshid

“Egypt’s revolution must continue – Opinion – Al Jazeera English”

I chose both of these articles because they were both very current and helped me develop more of an idea of how Egyptians are seeing their life and the world at a more current spot in time. The first article I explored was based on how the failing state is causing even more tension between social classes. It explains how Egypt will continue to struggle due to unjust practices based on class prejudices. Without social thought being cohesive, Egypt may never be able to reach a stable state. The second article I chose was an artistic take on the Egyptian revolution, and was posted pretty recently. It’s from an Egyptian musician who was actually involved in Tahrir Square protests. His article talks about all of the simple things you could be missing out on from reading a less artistic article. He mentions all the song and dialogue he experienced and how that carried the uprising in so many ways.



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  1. Nice synthesis of social media pros and cons. I’ll look into Adel Abdel-Saddiq… he’s a scholar I haven’t heard of before.

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