Digital Media Project Post #7

Egypt activist’s suicide grips social media – Yahoo Maktoob News

ArchaeoVenturers – media

These two articles are strongly rooted in social media and the media in general. The first story I have found is a sad one. This article explains a tragic suicidal death of a young Egyptian activist. She was in such a depressive state after the uprisings that she decided to take her own life. The news of this suicide spread just as fast as any positive news, if not faster. It is said in this article that a large percentage of Egyptians are depressed because they see all the chaos around them still and are losing hope for the future. The second article I have Diigoed is about how a U.S. citizen might view whats going on in Egypt currently. This article goes back to the Civil Rights movement and the fight for free speech. This article talks about how many Americans wish they could give Egyptians the freedoms that are guaranteed to them everyday, and how they seem fundamentally right to us. A great bridge between historical American ideologies and Egyptian Uprisings.

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