Digital Media Project Post #8

Blair’s doctrine in Egypt: the ‘anti-terrorism’ industry and counter-revolution 

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Future of Political Islam in Egypt

 Both of these articles have to do with either the UK’s affairs in Egypt or the article was produced by the UK. The first article is about the UK Prime Minister, Tony blair and his plan to help Sisi reform the economy through tactics like “anti-terrorism”. This article critiques this Blair’s methods, saying that they only promote the status quo, which happens to be filled with violence. This article goes on to talk about the difficulties involved with identifying and defining terrorism in general and techniques used to combat it at different levels, and how this could possibly be of use to Egypt right now. The second article is from a UK news group that is trying to predict the future of political Islam. They believe that there is only a hand full of option that could be chosen from. This article is a general assessment of the political future of Egypt.




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