Digital Media Project Post #2

“Social Networking”

“In Post-Revolution Egypt, Social Media Shows Dark Side”
Adam Morrow and Khaled Moussa al-Omrani

These two post are a great combination for showing how social media can also be a negative thing when spreading information for change. The first article mentioned talks about positive and negatives of communicating through social media on a general level and discusses the similarities and differences it has to communicating in real life. This article’s information would likely be used in the earlier sections of my reflection project. The second article focuses on how social media has taken a turn for the worse for Egypt after the revolution. Rumors and lies are being spread in order to make people fight and persuade people to do things that groups with agendas want. The lack of legal monitoring is leading people to believe things that are not true in order to carry out actions, that in some cases are violent and detrimental. I would most likely be using this information towards the end of my reflection, but before a conclusion, to balance out the ideas of my project.

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