Digital Project Post #4

Can the Arab revolutions survive Syria and Egypt? – Opinion – Al Jazeera English

Egypt’s stake in the Syrian revolution | openDemocracy


These two articles present a great comparison and intertwining of revolutions in the Middle East. These happen to be about Syria and Egypt and how they relate to each other in terms of “Arab Revolutions”. The first article discusses the seriousness of both revolutions and whether or not the Arab Revolutions can make it through these two uprisings. This article explains that Syria has the most carnage out of all the uprisings. I fill like this article, paired with the second, are a great way to bridge the gap between these revolutions. More than the book does, these articles give you a better idea of how the Middle East in general is merging together to fight in some ways. The second article mentions an instance of helpfulness when describing how Syrian activists would go in Cairo Egypt during the revolutions to use Egyptians media to get word out about Syrians troubles.

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