Week 5

The first article I read this, Egypt’s Battle to End Female Genital Mutilation, had a short video with a young girl and mother talking about FGM. The video shows the women who does the procedure of FGM. She shows how she rubs alcohol to sanitize then uses scissors to finish the job. It mentions that its takes four people to hold down the child. two for the arms and two for the legs. The children scream until the procedure is over. The mother of the child says that if the daughter dies during the procedure, its ok because she died cleansed. Another young girl witnessed her cousin being circumcised and begged her mother not to have the procedure done on her. After seeing her daughters reaction, the mother began to encourage others to avoid having the procedure done on their children. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-29735574 The second article I read,Egypt:Deadly risks, but Female Genital Mutilation Persists, talks about an ongoing case of FGM. A doctor and the childs father are being taken to trial for performing FGM. The young girl, Suhair, died during the procedure in Egypt. The doctor claims that he did not perform FGM. He performed another procedure and later gave her penicillin, which she was allegoric to an d later died. Faith and tradition have been the main reasons behind FGM. There have been multiple reports of FGM being performed on newborns. FGM was outlaid in 2008 but to avoid being caught, clinics have been opened in private homes to perform FGM.

Both articles were very interesting to read. Now that we are covering Egypt in class, it is interesting to read on what the women go through. FGM has been an ongoing problem. Even though it was outlawed it continues to occur. Something needs to be done fast. I do believe that FGM is a type of child abuse. No child should be put through such pain. While reading both articles, I realized that male babies are often circumcised soon after birth. Every culture is different, but I think it crosses the line when death is involved.

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