Monthly Archives: September 2014

Week 2

The first article I posted was How Egypt is Keeping its Women Trapped in Zombie Society. It discussed how women are expected to marry and be supported by a man. A woman who does not marry and is independent is considered a failure to her family. Since birth women are taught that they need to marry in order to be “successful”. She must go to college and find a job to increase her chances of finding a husband. The article also mentions that families are very strict and punish the unmarried daughters by reading her scriptures from the bible. Women are supposed to marry because they can not take care of themselves. The secod article i read, Ancient Egyptian Women Buried With Weaves and Shoulder-Length Box Braids, talked about the recent findings of women buried with extensions. Evidence proved that these women dyed their hair hair as well. The dye came from henna. This proves that women were concerned with covering up grey hair.

Both these articles were very interesting to read. It shocked me how different everyones culture is. The Egyptian women are looked down upon if they do not marry. Their parents bash them if they do not want to get married and live off a man. The Mexican culture is in a way similar to that of the Egyptians. Mexican women are supposed to marry, cook, clean, and take of the children. Although things may have changed a bit, women are still looked down upon if they are not married and do not know how to cook. Women have always been thgoutht to be less important than men. It is important that women continue to become educated and prove that women are just as capable of doing the things a man would typically do.

Week 1

The two articles I posted on Diigo talked about women’s rights in Egypt. I choose them because I was interested in learning more about how women are treated in other countries. The first article I was posted was Egypt Women:Rights on Paper, not yet on ground. It discusses how women are treated  different from men. It relates back to our reading because in Battle of the Arab Spring it shows a picture of the first female Arab winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. In the picture she holds her thumb up which is stained by ink. She had just voted. The second article I posted was Egypt’s Deep Seated Culture of Sexism, which discussed how badly women were were sexually harassed even though there were specific laws that hold protect the women. According to the Quran, Its Gods given right for men to common women. These women are uneducated and were pulled out of school in order to marry. After reading both articles, it is evident that women do not have the same rights as women in America. It was shocking to read that men though women had smaller brains. Recently, women have been protesting and making progress in order to have the same rights as men.

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