week 8

This week I read another two interesting articles that were in the news. The first was Egypt ‘worst for women’ out of 22 countries in Arab world. This news article talked about a study that conducted in various countries including Egypt. The most interesting result from the study was that Egypt was found to be worst country for women’s right. It also stated that there are several cities in Egypt where a large part of the economy is based on human trafficking and forced marriages. The second article I read was from an actual website that provides information about Egypt. The article was called Women’s Rights and discussed how women’s rightshave improved over the years in Egypt. It mentioned how women are now able to hold positions in office such the Supreme Constitutional Court. 49% of women in universities are women and the women who give birth before 18 years old has decreased. The article also discussed how maternal rights have also improved. Overall, I think both articles were interesting and I have decided to focus on the issue of FGM in Egypt. I think that some government websites may post false statistics to hide the corruption that is happening.

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