Week 9

One of the articles i read this week was Head of Egypt’s council for women slams detained female activists. This article talked about one of the statements that the Head of Egypt’s council stated. She mentioned that female activists that were behind bars deserved to be there. The community was shocked by the Presidents comment. She also discussed the prison conditions that the female activists lived in. She referred to the conditions as “They live better than they were living on the outside”. The second article I read was Human Rights Watch calls for anti-FGM measures in Egypt. This article reported on how the campaign group, Human Rights Watch (HRW), forced authorities to take action against the doctor who conducted the FGM procedure on the young girl who died on the table. Rothna Begum, a human rights researcher, states the the authorities need to send a clear message to the public that FGM is outlawed and strict punishments are in place for those who practice FGM.

Both these articles were interesting to read. FGM seems to be a clear problem in Egypt and affects many young women. It is sad to see how certain government officials make statements about women when they are women as well. Womens rights need to be focused on and law enforcement needs to be involved as well.

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