Week 4

Prevalence of female genital cutting among Egyptian girls, was a very interesting article. It describes why females have their genitals cut and why they do so.  In certain cultures, it is custom that the women have their genitals cut at young age such as 4. There are many complications that could occur during the procedure such as the loss of too much blood. Anesthesia is not commonly used so the pain is known to be extreme. It has been estimated that between 100 and 130 million women have been subject to Female Genital Cutting (FGC). The womenn find the word "circumcision" offensive. In Egypt, 97% of married women have undergone FGC. They are not considered pure if they have not gone through the procedure and will be avoided by possible suitors. 69.1% of those married women had their daughters go through FGC. In a study, it showed that parents with little to no education were supporters of FGC and parents with an education seemed to have lower statistics for FGC. The second article I read was Egypt’s post-Morsi constitution gets almost total voters’ approval published on January 18, 2014, discusses the new constitution for Egypt. 98.1 % of Egyptians voted yes for the new constitution. Many people believe that the new constitution is the first step towards change. There are multiple problems though. One of the major concerns is whether Sharia Law will be the main source of legislation. Christians and liberals have tried to remove it from the constitution but the Salafi party insisted that it remain in a weaker form. The Muslim Brotherhood boycotted and stated that the poll was illegitimate.
Both these articles were very interesting to read. The women circumcision article did relate much to our readings but it helps to understand why females are subject to FGC. The second article related to our readings because it mentions the constitution and fighting for change. It reminded me of the documentary we are watching in class because these events occurred in Tahir Square in Cairo.

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