Week 6

This week I read two articles. The first was, Video of woman giving birth at hospital doorstep triggers outcry in Egypt. This article talked about how a pregnant woman in labor in Egypt was turned away from the hospital. The woman was with her husband at the time. The hospital staff told the couple that the doctor  was bust with another patient. People on the street were filming with their cell phones as the woman gave birth. The videos were soon uploaded on the internet. The hospital denied these allegations. They say that they never denied the women and that this was a set up to make the hospital look bad. The second article I read was,
Efua Dorkenoo Fought Against Female Genital Cutting. Dorkenoo died on October 18 at the age of 65. She was a famous for organizing campaigns to help fight against FGM. She started multiple organizations. She also wrote articles about the issue. The practice has been declining in many countries, including Egypt. Egypt is known for having the highest number of women who have been subjected to FGM. Although Dorkenoo has passed, the organizations will continue to fight to end FGM completely.
Both these articles were very interesting. We have briefly discussed women’s rights in class.After reading the chapter in book and reading multiple articles, I think that more needs to be done about these issues.

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