Volume 5

Pangaea Volume 5 Cover

2014 Articles


Flag_of_KenyaSub-Saharan African Oil Connection With China

By: Michelle Benavidez
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Peter Austin

egThe Struggles of Revolution and Stories of the Dead

By: Katherine Wilson
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Christopher Micklethwait

brazil-flagLa Corrupion Y La Desigualdad Social En Brasil

By: Tyler Clark
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Georgia Seminet



Judges 19: The Story of the Unnamed Woman

By: Christine Mafana
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Kelley Coblentz Bautch


indiaFive-Star Slum

By: Jana Soares
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Patricia J. Baynham


640px-Flag_of_Australia_svgComparison of Vicotias Gender Gap with Australia as a Whole

By: Megan Colwell
Faculty Sponsor: Al Purcell


omanArt is Resistance: The role of the Artist in the Arab Spring and other Uprisings

By: Jacob Sarabia
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Christopher Mickelthwait


nigeriaGlobalization, Modernity, and Colonial Dispersal of Cultures

By: Timothy Ogene
Faculty Sponsor: Charles Porter


brazil-flag Sexismo, feminismo ya la prostitucion en Brasil

By: Alyssa Haney
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Georgia Seminet


tunisia-flagThe Role of Social Media in the Arab Spring

By: Sabiha Gire
Faculty Sponsor: Charles Porter

IranPlaying the Middle East: An Examination of the Arab Gaming Market

By: Jake Hensley
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Christopher Micklethwait


Palestine Flag HD WallpaperThe Role of Social Palestinian Identity in Psychological Adjustment Following Military Violence

By: Amani M. Abusoboh
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Constance Porter

middleeastmapIn Search of Monsters to Destroy: Counterterrorism Policy and the Use of Special Forces in the Obama Administration

  By: Gabby Sewing
  Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Christopher Micklethwait

Travel Logs


The Year Mark

By: Jesse Hunt
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Michael Wasserman

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