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Pangaea global connections is an online journal of student work related to global issues.  The mission of Pangaea is to provide an informative reliable academic journal that focuses on the increase and significance of globalization through the lens of St. Edward’s students.  Their experience and research are useful in helping the reader gain new understanding of the global relationships in our world.

Pangaea will now be published online only. We are allowing student authors to write articles in the format of their scholastic discipline as guided by their faculty sponsor.

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Pangaea is happy to announce that we are now registered in the Library of Congress! Look us up using the ISSN 2378-1106.

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San Antonio Missions NOW UNESCO World Heritage Site!


San Antonio, San Jose Mission, October 17, 2015. Charles Porter, shown here with his dear friend, the Consul General of Spain, Enric Panés, at the inscription ceremony of UNESCO’s designation of the San Antonio Missions as a World Heritage Site.  St. Edward’s made a significant contribution via Porter’s 4 year investigatory and editing work as a member of the International Expert Committee of the National Parks Service in writing the nomination documents and developing the strategy and tactics to successfully navigate the complex UNESCO process of acceptance.  The designation was based not upon the architecture of the missions per se, but on the Catholic community values and organization that developed through the sharing and utilization of the water of the San Antonio River and San Pedro Creek. The prolific spring-fed waters were put to use via a 50 mile acequia system that the native peoples, the Franciscan friars, and the settlers built from 1716 to 1840.  The designation of the San Antonio missions is only the 3rd designation in the United States of any site with structures – the others being the Statute of Liberty and Independence Hall.  It is the first and only World Heritage site in Texas. The impact on tourism to San Antonio and the area will far exceed $100,000,000 in the first decade. This is a prime example of St. Edward’s contribution to the global community.


Important Note: Our Catholic Heritage in Texas 1519-1936, the ground-breaking 7 volume history of Spanish Colonial Catholicism in Texas, written by Carlos Casteñada, from 1936-1957 was overseen and edited for many years by  the librarian at St. Edward’s University, Paul Foik, CSC, PhD, and was sponsored by the Texas Knights of Columbus Historical Commission (today’s Texas Catholic Historical Society). St. Edward’s has been a leader in Texas Catholic history for over a century. St. Edward’s Brother Richard Daly, CSC, is the current president of the Texas Catholic Historical Society.


Renee Cornue (Pangaea Photographer)

This video documentary created by Pangaea Photographer Renee Cornue highlights her adventures while exploring Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, and the Netherlands as she studied abroad. Happy Trails from Pangaea!


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