The Mission of Pangaea journal is to provide an informative, innovative, and academically rigorous publication that focuses on the increase of globalization through the lens of students.  The research done by the students of St. Edward’s University, along with their personal global experiences provide everyone with a more comprehensive understanding of world affairs.

St. Edwards University

Pangaea refers to the supercontinent that existed over 200 million years ago, before this giant landmass separated into the distinct continents we are familiar with today. Pangaea is a prehistoric reminder of global interdependence and a symbol of greater awareness of our shared histories and futures.

St. Edward’s University teaches students to understand themselves, clarify their personal values, and recognize their responsibility to the world community.   These mission principles are guided by our Holy Cross tenets: the courage to take risks, an international perspective, respect for the whole person, and a commitment to social justice.




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