Works considered for inclusion in Pangaea must meet several critical requirements. Firstly, each submission must adhere to ethical guidelines, as laid out by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Our editorial staff will focus on a number of particular factors when accepting submissions:

Authorship, Originality & Plagiarism: The paper in question must be authored by individuals who have made relevant contributions to the work. Each submission must be entirely original, and free from incorrect citations, misquotations and other forms of research-related misconduct. Works with mislabeled, appropriated, or otherwise erroneous content will be rejected.

In addition to utilizing plagiarism tools, Pangaea’s editorial staff and peer-reviewers adhere to strict editorial guidelines, the better to ensure that each work is free of misspellings and formatting errors. While student-authors are allowed to write articles in the format of their scholastic discipline, each submission must adhere to those specific guidelines, ex: APA must have APA-style citations. Additionally, after acceptance, if an author finds potential inaccuracies in their work, they are duty-bound to notify our editorial staff, in order to correct or otherwise retract the submission.

Conflict of Interest: Complete transparency is required with each submission, so that Pangaea is aware of any stakeholder relationships or details in the author’s employment history that could result in a potential conflict of interest.

Archiving & Access: Pangaea is an open-access journal. It allows its high-quality and multi-disciplinary research to be readily available to anyone at no cost. While our student-authors retain ownership of their submitted works, Pangaea nonetheless reserves the right to archive and reprint their materials.

Copyright & Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, copyright for the text of all volumes is held by Pangaea. While its content is free for sharing and use among individuals, it may not be reprinted and republished without consent from the author(s), or without prior notification to Pangaea’s editorial board. For permission to distribute works featured in Pangaea, please contact our editors. The views and opinions expressed in each individual work are those of the student-authors and do not necessarily reflect Pangaea’s own policy or position. Pangaea cannot be held responsible for any infringements or violations of third parties.

Correction & Retraction: Pangaea is willing to work with student-authors who have discovered incomplete/incorrect content in their works, on the condition that each error is explicitly documented, and that notice is given before each volume is published. In such circumstances, student-authors are allowed to retract and correct the flawed submission, and replace it with the updated version.

Availability & Fees: Pangaea charges no fees for reviewing and/or publishing in the journal. Additionally, it is open-access, so any individual can view its content for personal or academic research. As of 2016, Pangaea will be published online only.

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