Teach Students to Write Marginalia and to Highlight or Underline Wisely

Rap Genius and moreOne of the recommended readings for flipping the classroom addresses strategies for getting students to do the reading:

Linda Nilson, “Getting Students To Do the Readings,” Ch. 23 in Part Five of Teaching at Its Best: A Research-Based Resource for Instructors (2010), available as an e-book through the SEU library.  (You’ll need to be logged into the SEU library site for this e-book link to work.)

On p. 216 Nilson suggests the strategy, “Teach Students to Write Marginalia and to Highlight or Underline Wisely.”  There are several technology tools to support this strategy for both the individual and for groups. Continue reading

Group Work Required Information Sheet

In the hope that it may help someone I have pasted a document I created to ensure that I track what happens at student group meetings. Collecting the general information helps me to see the functionality of the group and who is doing the majority of the work.  The peer grade helps me to see how the students value their team members contributions. I used to teach group communication and this document is the result of needing to have a better sense of Continue reading

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