Final Report: Supplemental Resources for the Math0309 Self-Paced Course

Background: The number of sections of Math 0309 has drastically increased as St. Edward’s student population has changed in recent years. The math department is striving to improve students’ success in this course to support the university’s mission of strengthening our developmental education. Continue reading

Final Presentation and Report, Due Friday, May 30

On the final day of the Innovation Institute the following elements are due from each fellow (or team of fellows for those team-teaching).

I. Project Presentation (8 minutes)

The presentation should cover the following information:

  1. Brief description of course
  2. Brief description of pedagogical experiment
    • What is the approach, e.g., inquiry-guided learning?
    • What will you do: describe x assignment or project
    • How will this improve student learning
    • How will you test it?
    • What will be biggest challenge of this experiment?
    • What is your status? What have you accomplished? What work remains before you teach this course?
  3. What other approach or experiment have you heard about this week that you would like to try next?

II. Written Report

After your presentation please share a written report covering the same elements as your presentation as a post on this blog.  (This could be the text of your presentation.) This post is due by Monday, June 2.