Group Work Required Information Sheet

In the hope that it may help someone I have pasted a document I created to ensure that I track what happens at student group meetings. Collecting the general information helps me to see the functionality of the group and who is doing the majority of the work.  The peer grade helps me to see how the students value their team members contributions. I used to teach group communication and this document is the result of needing to have a better sense of

  1. Group dynamics as they arise during the semester (Students hand in these sheets after each meeting)
  2. Grading
  3. That work is actually being done
  4. Helps the students to learn how to manage group meetings – I reinforce this by using part of a lesson to explain why having named roles within a group increases group effectiveness so the tool is also helping my students to learn how to conduct constructive teamwork learning.

I take time in class to explain to students how they should use the document and how the use of roles and agenda and other simple but important meeting strategies will help them achieve their group work, work in meetings in a productive and timely fashion and promote group cohesion.

Suggestions  for improvement will be gratefully received!

Group Work Required Information Sheet

Facilitator:                   __________________________________________________________

Note-taker                   __________________________________________________________

Time-keeper                __________________________________________________________

Title of Project            __________________________________________________________





Notes of the meeting:



Before the next meeting I must DO:



Decisions made in the meeting:



Peer grade (letter) assigned to each of the group members for this meeting and any work done between meetings – explain in a couple of sentences why you awarded the grade.

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