Develop Your Innovation Fellowship Ideas at Mixer

logo that is a photo-realistic image of an incandescent light bulb with a sunrise replacing the filamentCTE/Instructional Technology Mixer: Let’s Talk Applications and Collaborations, THURSDAY, February 22 AT 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM In person

Want to know what the Innovation Fellowship looks like? Interested in collaborating with someone across campus on a teaching project? Join us at the Applications and Collaborations Mixer! No need to RSVP–drop by and chat!  Prepare by reviewing the following resources:


Insights from the Innovation Fellows Reunion 2016

Thanks to all of the innovation fellows who joined us for the reunion yesterday. Each table had a lively discussion about what they found valuable about the fellowship (especially from the perspective of time) and what they want to try next. We asked each table to share just two insights from that discussion. Here is what we heard:

Benefits of the Innovation Fellowship included:

  • Dedicated space and time to think about teaching
  • Discussion with colleagues devoted specifically to teaching, and even more so with structure and guidance.
  • Collective knowledge of SEU faculty
  • Better understanding of risk in the classroom and strategies for helping students feel more secure by managing their expectations
  • Value of discussing your pedagogical project repeatedly with colleagues and support staff who can help you realize your idea

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