2023-2024 Innovation Fellowship Applications Due February 27

Innovation Fellowship Applications will be due Monday, February 27, 2023.  Details are here:

We encourage applications that indicate one’s interest in course design and/or revision processes and that highlight a desire to create enriching experiences for students.  Particular areas of focus for this iteration of Innovation Fellows are within the following areas connected to academic excellence and distinction:

  • Experiential and/or Austin-based pedagogy: Incorporate new approaches, activities, and/or Austin-based content that can provide students with a richer academic experience.
  • Inclusive and Antiracist Teaching: Incorporate equitable, inclusive, and anti-racist practices, such as including Open Educational Resources (OER); adopting Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles; or working toward inclusive and anti-racist content and assessment practices.
  • Technology-Enhanced Pedagogy: Integrate any one of a range of technology-enhanced approaches to teaching and learning, such as having students engage with technology for knowledge production, creativity, or digital research methods; developing students’ digital and information literacy and skills; shifting content and activities online to promote active learning in and out of the classroom; creating or adapting courses to be offered online; or including innovative technologies.

These fellowships will support full-time, contracted faculty members who want to be part of a learning community to explore new pedagogical approaches and have dedicated time to design or revise classes to be taught in Fall 2023, Spring 2024, or Summer 2024. Fellows will receive a stipend (in 3 installments across the fellowship year), participate in the Summer 2023 Innovation Institute, which will be held May 15-26, 2023, and join a community of faculty fellows focused on pedagogical innovation with activities throughout the fellowship year.

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