Final Presentations

On the final day of the Innovation Institute, fellows have the opportunity to share their project and progress with one another and with a broader audience of colleagues and administrators.

Time limit: 10 minutes

Presentation Components:

  1. Brief description of course
  1. Brief description of pedagogical experiment
  • What will you do: describe assignment or project
  • What learning goals are you targeting with this project? And how do you think this approach will help you to achieve those goals?
  • What about your approach is new or innovative?
  • How will you evaluate your students’ learning?
  • What will be biggest challenge of this experiment?
  • Where are you in your work on this project — What have you accomplished? What work remains before you teach this course?
  1. What is the most valuable thing you learned during the institute (from colleagues, conversations, workshops, your own reading)

Sharing Your Presentation with Broader Audience:

A variety of people on campus are interested in learning more about what you all are doing. Each fellow should share his or her progress in one of two ways (you only need to do one of these!):

  1. Post your presentation slides: If you decide to create visual slides and they convey the key content of your presentation, you can simply post the slide presentation to your blog.
  1. Write up your presentation points: If you do not create slides, or your slides are minimal, you can share the key content from your presentation. Be sure to hit the components listed above in your write-up.

Where to post:

  • Post to your own blog. (We will then re-post your content to the main Innovation Fellowship blog).

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