Using Screen Capture Video to Record Lectures

I’ll be demoing tomorrow a couple of different software options for recording instructional videos. Below is a list of software I’ll be sharing.

On an Ipad, the following two apps allow you to record audio & video on an interactive whiteboard screen:

  • Explain Everything – $2.99 in the app store – allows you to annotate documents, photos & videos or just a whitescreen. Quick & super easy to use!
  • Vittle – free in the app store – pretty similar to Explain Everything. I haven’t been able to figure out what extra features Explain Everything has, but I assume there are some extra bells and whistles in a paid app.

Example video I made using Explain Everything found here. (I’ve made a few videos in this app now that upload to youtube out of synch. Not sure what the issue is, but this video has a lag time when I’m writing.)

On a computer or tablet that’s stylus enabled:

  • Camtasia Studio – software that allows you to record your computer screen and has an editor. Higher frame rate, compression and production options in comparison to Snagit.
  • Snagit – made by the same company as Camtasia, but is intended for a one-take video that doesn’t require editing. There’s no rendering like in Camtasia, so recording and publishing a video clip is fairly quick. (Note that it is possible to edit the video clips using another program such as Windows Movie Maker.)

Example video I made using Snagit found here.

Has anyone else used screen capture video? If so, which software do you use? I’ve only used these two, but there are plenty of other choices.

If you ever want any help making a screen capture video, I’d be happy to help!

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