This semester’s syllabus is linked here: CULF3331-10-Fall14.

Here is the policy section for quick reference.



Absences. Students are allowed five absences without penalty throughout the semester, but if a student reaches five absences before October 31, I will withdraw that student from the course through the registrar’s office. I will reduce the final grade by 2 percent for each absence beyond those five.


Tardiness. Anyone who arrives after 11:00 will be marked tardy. Every three marks for tardiness will equal one full absence and will carry the same penalties described above.


Excused absences. An absence can only be excused for official university business. The student must provide a letter from his or her faculty sponsor at the beginning of the semester detailing absences anticipated (athletic practice is not excused and should not conflict with class meeting times) and remind me of these absences in advance throughout the semester.


Late Work. Grades on out-of-class work will be reduced by 5 percent for each day they are late. There is no make-up for in-class work, including any quizzes and examinations. If a student anticipates missing class, he or she must notify the instructor ahead of time for necessary arrangements.


Academic Integrity and Plagiarism. St. Edward’s University defines academic dishonesty (plagiarism, cheating and collusion) as “[r]epresenting work as your own when it is not a result of your own thought and effort.” it is established that academic dishonesty has occurred, the course instructor shall impose a penalty upon the offending individual(s). Under this policy, “the maximum penalty for a first offense is failure in the course, and if that penalty is imposed, the student does not have the option of withdrawing from the course.” I will assign a grade of zero for any demonstrable case of plagiarism, cheating or collusion and report the violation to the Office of Academic Affairs.


Special Circumstances. If you experience difficulty in this course for any reason, please consult with me.  I will do my best to help you address the concerns you have, and I may be able to direct you to other resources in the department or school. Additionally, SEU provides a variety of services to support you in meeting course requirements and achieving academic success.


  • Academic Planning and Support Services (APSS). Located in Moody Hall 155, APSS offers services to help students develop and use effective skills for successful academic performance, including low-cost tutoring for most subjects.
  • Counseling Services: Located in Lady Bird Johnson Hall, Suite 100, Psychological Services offers free psychological counseling for students.  Often the staff there can help students identify problems that are getting in the way of their success in the classroom, as well as problems adjusting to campus and independent living.
  • Special Accommodations: Student Disability Services coordinates reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities (medical, learning or psychological). Any student who feels s/he may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should follow the university’s accommodation procedure by contacting Student Disability Services (512-448-8561 or Moody Hall 155).








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