Global Understanding Workshop

Fall 2014: GU Workshop on Global Health

 The workshop topic for Fall 2014 is Global Health. Students will actively engage in learning about different global health challenges by focusing on different regions and their particular challenges and the social justice implications of the current public health interventions. They will analyze different public health interventions and consider the political, cultural, and economic implications of those campaigns. Attendance at one full workshop is required of all students enrolled in CULF 3330 and CULF 3331.

 Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will understand how culture and society affect the development of public health interventions.
  • Students will understand global health challenges in the context of culture and its effects on people’s lives.
  • Students will consider scientific, socioeconomic and cultural information to formulate an effective public intervention that is culturally appropriate and socially just.

Assignment Sheet and Rubric: WorkshopAssignmentQuestion2

Submission instructions: When you’re ready to turn in your reflection paper, submit a copy to the TurnItIn assignment on Blackboard, in the assignments folder, and email a copy to as a .docx file.

Global Health CULF 3330/3331 Workshops

 Tuesday, Sept 30 @ 5-8pm

Thursday, Oct 9 @ 5-8pm

Wednesday, Oct 15 @ 5-8pm

Saturday, Oct 25 @ 10-1pm

Tuesday, Oct 28 @ 5-8pm

Friday, Nov 7 @ 2-5pm

Monday, Nov 17 @ 5-8pm

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