Reading For Friday, Aug. 29

I’ve uploaded the reading for Friday to Blackboard in the “Reading Assignments” folder for those of you who don’t have Battle for the Arab Spring yet.

As I suggested at the end of class today, you might think of the Arab Uprisings (or Arab Spring as many call it) as a second wave to emerge from the ashes of 20th-century Arab nationalism.

As you read these pages, think about a couple of things. First, is there any detectable difference in worldview or attitude in these chapters compared to the article we read for Wednesday by Adeed Dawisha, who seemed highly skeptical of Gamal Abdel Nasser and the project the Arab Nationalist Movement? Second, considering that Dawisha’s article was written in 2003, what do these authors identify as the current state of affairs in the Arab world, writing nearly a decade later? What are some important social issues that they bring up but Dawisha does not? Feel free to write some ideas down in the comments on this post.

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